And despite my problems with Breezepelt and his redemption, I did enjoy reading about him in the book. Like Comment Share. What I'm working on. 22d. - Heathertail during the battle in the tunnels (The Forgotten Warrior, I don't know the page) I just made her design from The Ultimate Guide and added some stripes to her arms. 100. heathertail warriors warrior cats cat brown tabby windclan. There was a gleam in his eyes as he spoke to Weaselfur, and Crowfeather realized that he was enjoying himself. Breezepelt and Heathertail relationship | Ultimate Warrior ... Breezepelt | Complete Warriors Wiki | Fandom warrior cat aesthetics — Sapphic Heathertail x Hollyleaf ... report. - also im not gonna screenshot this entire garbage mess but heathertail was of course exiled with him - also of course ratfur wrote crowfeather as the fucking victim as if he hadn't abused & neglected nightcloud and breezepelt since day one - ratfur p much hates breezepelt for all the wrong reasons and this is even more proof lmao "You should leave him," the white warrior told her softly. Wasn't Breezepelt the one who tried to like.. hella kill Crowfeather, Leafpool, Lionblaze and Jayfeather. "We may be in the same Clan here, but I am not your Clanmate. Wait and see." ― Breezepelt Breezepelt is a black tom with amber eyes Heathertail <3. He serves as a supporting antagonist in "Power of Three" arc and a major antagonist of the "Omen of the Stars" arc, before redeeming himself in the super edition "Crowfeather's Trial". Being raised with Breezepelt, she became best friends with the black tom (Heathertail hates Breezepelt in this timeline. Some form of cousin. Breezepelt as an apprentice, staring coldly at his . audio from plenty more where thiS COMES FROMjoin the discord and shitpost w/ me i need friendShttps:/. Heathertail | GigglerCats Wiki | Fandom "Stop mooning, lets get you home and get that lip treated m'kay?" Hey it's Wolf, this is another one requested by Skyfall. "Hey, Heathertail. Heathertail. THE_REAL_BREEZEPELT on Scratch Au / Oneshot. How much do you know about Breezepelt? All four of their kits are she-cats. Breezepelt let them pass, Heathertail slid up next to him. Get the best of Sporcle when you Go Orange.This ad-free experience offers more features, more stats, and more fun while also helping to support Sporcle. Breezepelt Gifts & Merchandise | Redbubble Breezepelt twisted his head around at the sound of footsteps. Breezepelt x Heathertail - Wattpad Crowfeather 's other mate was Nightcloud. I will serve the warrior code for as long as I live. art by killthechat. Kestrelflight came and went silently, busy with his medicine-cat duties. Happy Thanksgiving, Clanmates!!! She looked at him with a shockingly warm smile. Heathertail becomes breezepelt's mate and Cinderheart most likely becomes Lionblaze's mate (as of sign of the moon) Did heathertail actually betray lionblaze? I was hoping to have it done yesterday for my birthday, but! I think? Here you go! Heathertail became mates with Breezepelt and had two kits, Smokekit and Brindlekit, and later had Applekit and Woodkit. You will be punished for this. This thread is archived. Breezepelt ran up and grabbed Heathertail's pink faux fur hat. Breezepaw is a young apprentice of WindClan, mentored by Whitetail, and the son of Crowfeather andNightcloud. As she walked into the forest, she smelled a delicious hot substance. That makes them. M-Y-S-T-l-C. 21 Comments. Heathertail!" The whole Clan began to cheer for the newly named warriors. Smashed together, completely enmeshed till they're practically one being. You can be a good warrior by editing it and making it bigger! I believe Heathertail's attitude was started by Lionblaze, so I don't think she is a bad cat. And you've been crossing our boundaries and stealing our prey! He was quite funny and cute, and his relationship with Heathertail is really cute and sweet (I would actually consider it one of my top five favorite Warriors ships), and the scene at the end with Crowfeather playing with Breeze and Heather . Breezepelt. Breezy got me to share this account with him, so here I am. The Windclan warrior Heathertail used to play with a apprentice from another clan in some tunnels when she was an apprentice herself. How're you and Lionblaze?" Willowshine teased, provoking a scowl from Heathertail. (Credit to the photographer and editor of the picture) ~Scartail. Breezepelt licked her ear in greeting. Heathertail and Breezepelt are clearly growing closer, but Lionblaze doesn't care and decides that Breezepelt can have her. heathertail warriors warrior cats cat brown tabby windclan. Crowfeather . save. Heathertail…Come on Breezepelt, you left her. He also mentored Featherpelt and Fernstripe, and after Onestar died, Harestar appointed Crowfeather as his deputy. ^_^ 14. 29 comments. Sort by. But Lionblaze & Jayfeather had to be born, so go Crowpool! I always liked Heathertail and Lionblaze as a couple and always wanted them to be together. Breezekit was born to Nightcloud and Crowfeather alongside two other siblings who died after birth. Crowfeather settled down beside Breezepelt's nest, his gaze fixed on his son's sleeping face. wckin warriors warrior cats warrior cats kin warriors kin antpelt breezepelt heathertail aesthetic mod n - Heathertail during the battle in the tunnels (The Forgotten Warrior, I don't know the page) I just made her design from The Ultimate Guide and added some stripes to her arms. Sapphic Heathertail x Hollyleaf! And Jayfeather murdered Flametail! DeviantArt. Sure, they only got together recently; but everyone's been seeing the writing on that wall . Then, when the battle between the Dark Forest and the Clans + StarClan finally came, Breezepelt was one of the few living cats who chose to fight alongside the DF. Her fur brushed against his. In The Broken Code, they raise another litter, consisting of Applepaw (WC) and Woodpaw. /jjjj I NOW WHEN I SAID I WANTED TO TALK TO YALL MORE I DID NOT MEAN LIKE THIS-/J BUT I WILL GIVE YOU. I am the REAL Breezepelt! best. "Hedgehogs will fly the day the clans figure out sharp-tongued Breezepelt has some humility." 15. Breezepelt does not deserve love. Breezepelt is a lean[5] black tom with amber eyes. Breezepelt was with Heathertail and looked at Lionblaze with an expression Lionblaze interpreted as "She's mine now." And Lionblaze's expression reply was "You can have her." Also Lionblaze Hope. If they've both moved on with new mates and having a life outside of each other, then I think that means they left it in the past. Then I began to think about Crowfeather, and my . Derp That's what I am don't judge me 02:29, July 29, 2013 (UTC) (Heathertail won't support, but maybe some of my other cats will, like Nightcloud or something. Heathertail jabbed a claw into Breezepelts side "Ow!" He snapped. Breezepelt 's mate was Heathertail. Lionblaze 's mother was Leafpool. "And Breezepelt is right! "Breezepelt! This page is too small! I don't mind though. Mudclaw was once their deputy. High quality Breezepelt-inspired gifts and merchandise. I managed to get a bite to it's neck before it had a chance to squirm out of my paws. "Breezepelt," she began. Nightcloud 's son was Breezepelt. Heathertail constantly stands up for him and supports him emotionally, and Breezepelt worries about her well-being and is amazed she wants to be with him. You're here." The black she-cat strolled over to him nonchalantly. Back in the warriors' den, Heathertail finally got a time to talk with Breezepelt. There's no going back! After The Last Hope, Heathertail had two kits, Smokehaze and Brindlewing. Anybody else who claims they are—you are lying! 14 notes. Thanks to TennelleFlowers for being Crowfeather for me. And Breezepelt? Whitetail let out a sigh. "You know that crazy old cat can hold a grudge. Prior to the release of The Fourth Apprentice, Heathertail was still in love with Lionblaze, and harbored no romantic feelings toward Breezepelt. Summary. Heatherpaw and Breezepaw are introduced as fellow apprentices in WindClan, Heatherpaw being mentored by Breezepaw's father and Breezepaw being mentored by Heatherpaw's mother. While Heathertail was actually in a forbidden relationship herself. Breezepelt scored his claws down Lionblaze's side, spewing blood all over the clearing. No cat paid heed, though. In Fading Echoes, Jayfeather sees Heathertail in one of Lionblaze's memories of them pretending to be in DarkClan in the tunnels. Breezepelt being infuriated and devastated when he thought Nightcloud was dead. I don't regret anything, anything at all" ― Crowfeather Crowfeather is a dark gray-almost black- tom with blue eyes Well acording to Heathertail she did not. "Hey Breezepelt," she purred, stroking her tail under his chin. Breezepelt rolled his amber eyes as he started walking down the street. He is patrolling with Crowfeather, Whitetail, and Heatherpaw when they find Jaypaw wandering around in WindClan territory. And Jayfeather murdered Flametail! For all she cared, Breezepelt could do anything he liked. T-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more, designed and sold by independent artists around the world. See a recent post on Tumblr from @sanitizarium about breezepelt. We should attack!" (Maybe Breezepelt tries to take over WindClan? Whitetail (Warriors - The New Prophecy) Book: Eclipse. Heathertail and Breezepelt are an unstoppable force, or maybe an immovable object. See what people are saying and join the conversation. HeatherBreeze is the het ship between Heathertail and Breezepelt from the Warriors fandom. Silverflame signing out He became a mentor to Heathertail, and during the Great Battle, Crowfeather made amends with Leafpool and acknowledged their kits as his own. Heathertail X Breezepelt by Koerenn on DeviantArt. . heathertail and breezepelt... theyre so cute oh my god. Literature. "Yeah, you know how tough the stoats are," Emberfoot added. Breezepelt 1:19. Known History: Apprentice of WindClan Current: Warrior of WindClan Heathertail of WindClan "As you might know, I am a warrior of WindClan, and I always will be. 16. 97% Upvoted. Breezepelt saves Heathertail from the stoats while searching for Nightcloud. All coal comes from before the fungi learned. My blood turns to ice whenever I hear his name . 16 Comments. Language: English. This is Heathertail. via heathertail the way this post is worded is so delightful i absolutely can not stop reading it over and over. Heathertail was not the one who revealed the tunneles to Windclan, it was the rescued kits. Thank you for becoming a member. His mate is Heathertail, and Smokehaze, Brindlewing, Appleshine, and Woodsong are their children. Breezepelt is not exactly the best father in the world, basically leaving Heathertail to raise the kits as neither really wanted the other as a mate out of love, it was more out of spite. Heathertail backed away slowly from the fight, and ran across the Tree-Bridge, no cat seeing her. Art by blackysart! TiL that when trees evolved nothing could decompose them, until a fungi learned. In Crowfeather's Trial, Heathertail is a prominent supporter of Breezepelt when his Clanmates outcast him and accuse him of killing Nightcloud, his mother. Leaftail meowed. But Crowfeather knew that the rest of the Clan must be prepared for the next step. Leaftail and (if you want) Heathertail (and maybe more cats) could support him.) I hope they're all right. Heathertailandbreezepelt. "Hollyleaf!" He hissed in relief. Swiftstar was leader when Skyclan was driven away. Heathertail stuck her foot out a couple times to trip him. That spirit of his was what made him the cat I respect so much." "Don't go around throwing around that word," Dovewing teased. I broke out into a sprint, and leaped high into the air. My dad, Crowfeather, he told me to follow Lionblaze and Jayfeather. Anyway, I love this book & bye!! hint_of_asbestos . Heathertail. A day was gone since the warrior ceremony. second cousins? Breezepelt snorted. Crowfeather's mind flew back to the day when Breezepelt was born. Breezepelt is a former villain and a major character in Erin Hunter's Warriors book series. x. Breezepelts Song | Completed RVB Spoof Map EXPLICIT 3:31. "You should find a mate who is loyal to WindClan." "I'd never be mates with Breezepelt!" Heathertail stuck her nose up in disgust. I would fight to the death for anyone of my Clanmates. Heathertail picked up her living kits and headed away. Ditto for Breezepelt and Nightcloud. 276 Favourites. art by @nuggets-warriors ! DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. Heathertail truly moved on after falling for Breezepelt, and Lionblaze truly moved on after becomes mates with Cinderheart. Breezepelt. Even so, I have made mistakes in my past, my biggest mistake being Lionblaze. "Hey!" The book makes it abundantly clear that he really does love his mother, and she him. Does Breezepelt have a mate? However, after Fading Echoes was released, it was revealed that Heathertail no longer cares for Lionblaze. Read Breezepelt x Heathertail from the story Warrior Cats Ships/Couples - Ship or Sink by Honeytail123 (♦Nightbreeze♦) with 677 reads. 7M followers . Before they set out, Heathertail had talked to the apprentices about what had happened in the tunnels, making it clear that the coming battle was beyond their skills. Heathertail's sapphire eyes shone as she saw Lionblaze walking towards them. Heatherpaw introduces Breezepaw to Lionpaw at a Gathering, saying that Breezepaw is already trying to boss everyone else around . Before I do this, I just have to say, ugh. Even in the twilight, his golden hair shone like LionClan. However, their relationship is more complex than just friends. "We're over, and I don't want anyone talking about him," she snarled, then blushed stupidly. . He is a Windclan warrior, former Dark Forest trainee and son of Crowfeather and Nightcloud of Windclan, who is known . . What was the name of their . "You will be a legend among the Clans," my mentor told me as I watched the cats behind him fight and slash each other's faces. Nightcloud hurried up to her son from guarding the camp. Using the information Breezepelt, Heathertail, and Weaselfur had brought back, Onestar and Harespring had made a plan: Some cats were to go into the tunnels and drive the stoats toward the entrances, while others would wait in ambush to attack when the stoats appeared. This photo totally reminds me of Firestar and Graystripe! I can't wait for them to have kits. How Lionblaze and Heathertail are Related. See Tweets about #Heathertail on Twitter. Heathertail was awkwardly sitting next to Breezepelt, staring in disgust at the vole and mouse at her paws. Words: 2,082. And you've been crossing our boundaries and stealing our prey! Warrior Cat Memes . Hollyleaf pulled away from him and stared directly into his warm amber eyes. "I'm quite sure," Breezepelt retorted through clenched teeth. Breezepelt. #heathertail. W/N has always been a proud warrior of Windclan. Heathertail is a small, sleek, soft and thick-furred, lithe, light brown tabby she-cat with smoky, heather-blue eyes who is hot.She has an icy heart to match her "stunning" and "beautiful" eyes, just as her future mate, Breezepelt, would say.Heathertail is the daughter of Onestar and Whitetail. Breezepelt's father is Crowfeather Crowfeather's mother is Ashfoot Ashfoot's brother is Onestar Onestar's daughter is Heathertail. 100. Almost exactly one year after the call, I am so excited to . Crowfeather became Heathertail's mentor, and during the Great Battle, he made amends with Leafpool and acknowledged their kits as his own. Breezepelt and Lionblaze later forgave him, and Crowfeather made friends with Nightcloud. Heathertail barely noticed when Breezepelt brushed his pelt against hers and entwined their tails. "Are you sure about this?" Crowfeather heard Heathertail asking Breezepelt, padding at his side. 552 Favourites. "heathertail has a very interesting taste in men #breezepelt #heathertail #warriorcats" 304 Favourites. The apprentices wouldn't be chosen for the first attack, but no cat knew what might happen after that. it's my hyperfixate on breezepelt hour and i need to know.. does he have a bowsette body pillow? Leafpool 's mate was Crowfeather. Breezepelt x Heathertail's family. Breezepelt is Crowfeather and Nightcloud's son. Discover more posts about lionblaze, hollyleaf, jayfeather, dovewing, nightcloud, heathertail, and breezepelt. He is also the half-brother of Hollyleaf . Crowfeather missing his mom, and Ashfoot's spirit staying in the living world to ensure her son becomes a better cat. breezepelt, heathertail and antpelt friendship with marigold, heather and black roses! Lionblaze is actually quite nice . share. . Breezepaw was apprenticed to Whitetail and was increasingly arrogant due to feeling left out of his father's attention. We never learn anything about a Swiftrain. I am happy and proud to present the completed Breezepelt's Song! "You're an amazing cat." Breezepelt's eye shone with amber . New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Share your thoughts, experiences, and stories behind the art. He ran to the back of the bus, laughing cause he's an idiot. Lionblaze smiled, buried Blazekit near the tunnels, and padded back to camp, happily. Rabbitpaw watched them for another moment before bounding after Autumnstar. Nightcloud and Heathertail exchanged a glance, then, still clearly reluctant, padded out of the den. bi cis tom - though has questioned his gender on and off ever since his redemption [he doesn't feel like a molly at all, but he's not entirely tom, but demiboy doesn't feel fitting] closest friends consist of Antpelt, Heathertail, Harespring/star, and Kestrelflight Heathertail & Breezepelt are so cute together! "It was never meant to be. To her the joke never got old, giggling every time he fell flat on his face. Belka-1100. jayfeather who was close to breezepelt because they were both salty about the same things! Breezepelt and Heathertail were still checking on the tunnels. Maybe one of each, which would explain why they're so inseparable. "Good. There may be a fifth series. Fernsong and Ivypool, Dovewing and Tigerheart, Hawkwing and Pebbleshine, Dustpelt and Ferncloud, Willowpelt and Whitestorm, Dewnose and Sorrelstripe, Breezepelt and Heathertail, Whitewing and Birchfall, Spotfur and Stemleaf 1. FluffyPancake here! How Heathertail and Breezepelt are related Hey guys! Prey would be left near the entrances to lure the stoats into the open. I hope you have a wonderful evening with family and I apologize for the inactivity. A Warriors AU where Breezepelt dies in the Great Battle and plans to get revenge on a few cats. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. all memes video gifs pictures . greyxsilverxmillie, wc. However, Heathertail adores her three kits and spends all her time fussing over them. Heathertail looked around the clearing and Whitetail stopped by her, looking as if she knew what she was looking for. 1. Breezepelt's parents are Nightcloud and Crowfeather. They are my half-brothers. Breezepelt as a kit staring up at his father lovingly, while Crowfeaher stared back down at the kit, eyes full of hatred. Breezepelt and Heathertail are mates. I nodded and growled, "I won't let you down Tigerstar, as long as you promise those three mangepelts, Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf as well as their mother Leafpool, to me," I looked past . Submit your writing Heathertail and Breezepelt are not in love, Heathertail is still in love with Lionblaze. My claws pierced the hare's shoulder, and we both went rolling into the grass. She wasn't the only cat to had lost someone in Onestar's quest to drive out Thunderclan, but was the only cat she knew to lose someone that wasn't dead to begin with. aufgehen - rise up Whenever you're. Heathertail's and Breezepelt's clashing ideologies on Non-Windclan cats: The two mates have completely opposite options on this topic - Breezepelt for his whole life insults every non-Windclan member, to the point he used it as a justification for murdering his Half-Clan siblings. His mother, Nighcloud, who he actually did love, and his future mate, Heathertail, both fought for StarClan, but even then, Breezepelt still chose the Dark Forest. Thank you to Tennelle Flowers for giving me their sweet, sweet Crowfeather voice...Patreon supporters got this one a day early, experimentally: https://ww. Loner 1 year ago. She wasn't sure what it was, so she followed it. Breezepelt is a WindClan warrior that has served under Onestar's and Harestar's leaderships in the lake territories. The dark forest will play a part in omen of the stars. level 1. 1 7. When they reached the border, Breezepelt and Nightcloud went hunting together and Heathertail walked beside Crowfeather. He whispered to Heathertail. 14 notes . hide. 27 results found . Breezepelt and Lionblaze later forgave him as well, and Crowfeather established friendly terms with Nightcloud. [6] Breezepelt does not formally appear in Bramblestar's Storm but is listed in the allegiances. Heathertail and Breezepelt having an good relationship. the seventh works good too! wckin warrior cats warriors kin warriors hollyleaf heathertail mod s hollyheather. "Breezepelt and Heathertail are going to keep watch outside the tunnels to find out what they can about the stoats," Onestar replied. Crowcloud would've been a good ship if Crowpool wasn't existent.

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